SEATTLE, WA – Four people were seriously hurt and one person was taken into police custody Monday morning when a dump truck driver lost control and crashed into a Subway restaurant in Pioneer Square. The office building above the restaurant was evacuated over concerns about structural stability.

The incident happened at around 9:45 a.m. when the dump truck driver lost control while heading westbound on James Street. The dump truck hit several vehicles along James before entering the restaurant. The truck suffered a “catastrophic mechanical failure,” Seattle police said.

A pedestrian and three drivers were injured in the crash. One worker inside the Safeway was also hurt, but only with minor injuries, Seattle police said. Seattle police also took one person into custody.

The city of Seattle issued an emergency alert due to the incident causing major traffic disruptions in the downtown area. Drivers should avoid James between 1st and 3rd avenues, city officials said. The Sound Transit routes 550 and 554 were rerouted off 2nd Avenue, according to King County Metro.

The Subway is located inside the six-floor Olympic Block Building, which was built in 1986. The crash also appears to have damaged the nearby sinking ship parking garage, which sits between Yesler and James between 2nd and 1st Avenues.