Property Records stands as a premier real estate resource provider, delivering a complete range of documentation essential to your understanding of the property you’re considering for purchase. We delve into the annals of a property’s history, looking for any past foreclosure activity, and ascertain whether it lies within a flood zone. The best part? You can receive all this valuable data within just a few minutes.

Our unique service is crafted to cater not only to potential homeowners but also to lenders, enabling both parties to garner comprehensive knowledge about the property’s history before proceeding to a conclusive decision. This knowledge empowers our clients, ensuring they possess all the essential details to make an informed, confident choice.

The package we offer encapsulates the power of information, making it the most robust offering in our repertoire. Property Records takes pride in providing you with key information about the property you’re interested in, right before you’re about to make a significant decision.

Understanding a property’s history before purchasing it is not just about assuring peace of mind; it’s also about positioning yourself advantageously in negotiations. Knowledge is power, and being well-informed about the property you’re interested in can provide you with the upper hand during bargaining. This way, you can ensure you’re making a sound investment, and secure in your knowledge about the property’s history and potential future value.

Property Records helps individuals to personally find out a variety of information about a particular property. A full property profile gives you the following detailed history:

• Current and past owner, purchase price, and sale information

• Current and 1st and 2nd mortgage records

• Mortgage company information and refinance detail of the record

• Transaction and transfer history. Depending on the county it will include 10-25 years of history

• Equity lines of credit against the property

• Current and past owner, purchase price, and sale information

• Current and 1st and 2nd mortgage records

• Mortgage company information and refinance detail of the record

• Transaction and transfer history. Depending on the county it will include 10-25 years of history

• Equity lines of credit against the property

It is important that you educate yourself regarding these resources because. If you are a property owner, they can greatly improve your ability to make smart real estate decisions. In addition, a property report is a document that outlines a wide range of details regarding your real estate assets. Each report covers one specific address, providing information regarding property history, transaction details, foreclosure activity, plat map, property report, and even surrounding demographics. This type of report is valuable to individuals who are considering selling their properties or want to know how much their assets are worth—and why.

Property Records Inc knows that owning property is complex due to the different rights that are bestowed within this legal documentation. Real estate shouldn’t be complex when you have the proper tools to educate yourself.

Current Data Coverage

• Deeds, mortgage & foreclosure

• Real estate analytics

• Property ownership information

• Up-to-date data

Plat Map

A plat map is a type of map that shows how a piece of land is divided. It might show things like property boundaries, the location of buildings, roads, and other important features. People use plat maps to understand who owns what and where things are located on a specific piece of land.

Student-Faculty Ratio

The student-to-faculty ratio is simply the number of students at a school or university compared to the number of teachers or professors. For example, if a school has 100 students and 10 teachers, the student-to-faculty ratio is 10:1. This means there are 10 students for every teacher. This ratio is often used to get an idea of how much individual attention students might receive; generally, a lower ratio might suggest more potential for personalized interaction with teachers.

Crime Report

A crime report is a document that provides details about a crime that has occurred. It’s usually created by the police or other law enforcement officials. It might include information like what the crime was, where and when it happened, who was involved, and what evidence was found. This report is important because it helps in investigating the crime and can be used in court if someone is charged with the crime.


Demographics are the characteristics of a group of people in a certain area. This can include things like how old people are (age), whether they are men or women (gender), what jobs they do (occupation), how much money they make (income), what level of education they have completed, and what race or ethnicity they belong to. Demographics are often used to understand who lives in a certain place and what their lives might be like.

Property Profile Reports Done Right the First-time

Property Records is a renowned real estate company that prides itself on providing comprehensive and accurate property history reports for its clients. The firm has developed a meticulous process of generating these reports, ensuring that they are done right the first time. Firstly, they leverage an extensive database of public records, which includes information from past sales, ownership changes, and any recorded renovations or changes to the property. Using these resources, they piece together the life story of a property, outlining all its past events. Secondly, their experienced team of analysts verifies and cross-references all data, ensuring absolute accuracy and completeness. This commitment to accuracy and detail in their property history reports provides clients with the reliable information they need, whether they’re considering purchasing, selling, or investing in a property. Their robust process ensures every report is thorough and accurate from the get-go, eliminating the need for time-consuming revisions.