Being financially stable is something we all want to be when we’re adults. We are taught to go to school, graduate, get married and have kids but we’re never taught how to manage money.

Even though financial classes are available in college we never think of attending them. We all want to make money but we’re never taught how to be financially stable. It seems like more money goes than in.

They say the first step is always hard, that’s why the first step is to go ahead and open an account that’s hard to access.

Opening an account that is hard to access is hard to do because we’re used to having access to our money with one touch of an app. Even though this seems ludicrous this will help you with your finances in the long run.

Once the account is open DO NOT get the debit card for the account, remember we want the account to be hard to access, if you could easily pull out your debit card from your back pocket or purse you will be tempted to use it and it’ll be harder for our brain to tell us the lie it always tell us “get it, you need it! It’s on sale. You haven’t bought yourself anything in along time.”

Start Small for the Experience

You are going to start small because starting will a load of money will tempt you to go to the ATM and take out money. This is mind trick that we play on our brain we tell ourselves that “it’s only a few dollars and its not a big deal.” This will help you create a saving habit that will help you in the long run. If possible increase the amount you deposit.

Start Saving on Every Paycheck

Ideally, you will save 10 percent of your paycheck. This is not for everyone especially those who have a big family. At first, this might seem like a lot but over time you will get used to it.

Put Yourself First

You should be your first priority from the beginning but life likes to throw us curve balls. Some people might say “how could I be my first priority when I have children or sick parents that I need to take care of?” as we said before “try”.


The bottom line is saving money is hard! Especially when things keep coming up but the goal here is to make life easier and have extra cash for a rainy day. To some people saving extra cash is like a unicorn or a 4-leaf clover its nowhere to be seen. Saving money will help you if you lose your job, need to repair your car or pay extra bills.