Outdoor space also known as your front and backyard plays a big role when selling a house. Having crazy things lying around will minimize the chances of selling your home. It’s not all about scrubbing and your kitchen and bathrooms floors your outdoor space needs some TLC too.

Potential buyers will pay attention to small details and the front and backyard will definitely be one, but what they find there could make them leave.


Spiders are creepy insects, no matter the size, the bigger they are the scarier they are.

One or two small spiders might not be a big deal to some but when they for a cluster they can be dangerous to small children and small children. Sometimes spiders can be useful to some homeowners because spiders capture and eat other insects like cockroaches, flies, earwigs, and clothes moths.  

Larger spiders like tarantulas are definitely dangerous. Tarantulas can jump and bite people, the bite of tarantulas are venomous and some bites cause serious discomfort that will persist for several days.

“Spiders are dangerous when families have small children and should be removed from the property,” says, Anthony Rodriguez, a father, and California homeowner.


Ants will be anywhere there is dirt and food. Ants, just like spiders are very common insects and are usually in a colony. When there’s a colony of ants there’s is usually a dead animal or rotting food nearby. These insects are known to be organized and hunters.

“Ants are very intelligent and organized and will also take over an area of your house very quickly,” says, Omar Sanders, an entomologist from UCLA.

Dead animals

Dead animals are not only a health hazard they smell very bad and attract other animals and insects. A rotting corpse will make any potential homebuyers turn around and never come back.

“I went to go see a house in a very nice San Diego area and when my husband I walked to the backyard there was a recently killed dog. Not only was it sad it was disturbing” says, Alexis Prince, a renter in San Diego, CA.