When deciding to on the perfect colors for your home, making an actual decision can be terrifying. There are hundreds of color pallets to choose from and choosing the wrong paint color may ruin your home. Not only will it look bad it will also be expensive.

With all that said, don’t worry deciding on the right colors is a task you can handle. One option is getting help from an interior designer or color professional. Let them know the mood you want to go for will help narrow down the right colors. Keep in mind that some colors will change over the years making the paint look a different color.

Choosing the Right Paint Colors That Set a Mood

Here is a tip that will save you a lot of time: Light colors make rooms feel bigger and brighter. Darker colors in the other hand make rooms seem smaller. However, these two colors do have their place and purpose.

“Warm colors are for smaller rooms like an office, game room or a man cave. Light color rooms go well in a kitchen or living room,” says, Lenny Kenny, a homeowner in Los Angeles, CA.

Choosing the Right Paint Colors That Match the Space

Haven’t decided if you want to go dark or light? Certain type of rooms goes well with certain colors.

“Kitchens and bathrooms look much better with cool bluish colors because of the connection of water, light blue and white will go great in the bathroom,” says, Kenny

Avoid painting a bathroom yellow; the yellow tone will make it seem too dull and boring.

Kitchens go great with yellowish tone colors, depending on the color of the cabinets of course. If the cabinets are a wooden brown a yellowish color will match perfectly.

Paint a Small Swatch to Test How the Colors Looks

Some call picking the right colors an art, or even thinking outside the box. Painting a few sample colors on the wall or room you want to paint will give you an example of how it will look with a specific color. Make sure to paint a decent amount to see how it looks in different lightings, open and close the curtains turn on and off the lights to see how much of a difference it will make. Don’t make the mistake of buying gallons of paint, buy small cans instead.

“Places like Home Depot and Lowes sell small quarts of paint so people can try a small sample on a wall and don’t have to buy the big gallons of paint” adds, Kenny

Painting an Apartment

Painting an apartment is different from painting a house, in an apartment you might not get your security deposit back so make sure it’s ok with the landlord to paint your wall.