BUSHWICK, BROOKLYN — A cop surreptitiously put weed in a car owned by a man she later arrested for drug possession, Gothamist reported on Friday.

An NYPD officer placed a small bottle of weed into the man’s car via a window during the May 2015 stop in Bushwick, video from the incident shows.

While one of the cops said she found the weed in the pocket of the car’s owner before the footage was taken, he denies the weed came from his shorts.

“Nothing came out of my pockets,” the car’s owner, Abdul Pullium, told Gothamist.

In 2017, a lawsuit was filed against the city and the two police officers who made the arrest—Sergeant Madho and Officer Alexander—by Pullium’s friend, Chaka Virgil, who cops accused of passing drugs to Pullium during a hug. Virgil is asking for $500,000 and punitive damages as a result of what he says is a false arrest, according to Gothamist.