FLORIDA – The gas-tracking app GasBuddy is reporting 30.8 percent of Florida gas stations are running on empty as east coast evacuations continue in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Dorian.

The Miami/Fort Lauderdale area is reporting the most gas stations without fuel (53 percent), while Jacksonville has 18 percent of its stations without gas. This is an improvement from Sunday when the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area had 68 percent of its stations without gas and Jacksonville was reporting 24 percent of its stations were dry.

To ensure that evacuees had access to gas, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis waived trucking regulations and had the Florida Highway Patrol escort fuel trucks to resupply gas stations.

“There are some parts of the state where you have major lines for gas, cars are lined up,” he said. “It makes it more difficult for the trucks to get in and replenish the gas supply, so I think the escorts will help with that.”

Here’s the percentage of other areas in the state without gas:

- Gainesville 53 percent
- Fort Myers/Naples 45 percent
- West Palm Beach 42 percent
- Tampa Bay 42 percent
- Orlando/Daytona Beach 40 percent