A Brooklyn AirBNB is providing guests a fantasy, “Harry Potter” inspired getaway: for just $27 a night you too can sleep in a cupboard underneath a staircase.

A Crown Heights AirBNB listing advertised as “most AFFORDABLE and AWESOME private space you will find” went viral last weekend when guest Zoe Reeve, 26, shared a video of the camping air mattress fitted with dirty sheets her hosts provided, according to an Insider report.

“It’s literally a little cupboard with a mattress on the floor,” Reeve reportedly said of her temporary Brooklyn home.

“Oh,” one Twitter user responded, “You got the Harry Potter Room.”
Reeve didn’t expect luxury for $27 a night but neither did she expect a filthy common area, uncleaned bedding, an air mattress as thin as a yoga mat and a stifling hot space without air conditioning, she told Insider.

“I have to sleep with the window open, which is obviously not safe and also means I can hear everyone shouting in the street outside,” she told Insider.

Eric, the AirBNB host, describes the space as “ideal for backpackers and other budget travelers” who ideally don’t stand taller than 6-foot 1-inch, in his online listing.

Past guests reported similarly cramped and unclean conditions, such as bedbugs, cigarette smoke, and toenail clippings, according to AirBNB reviews.