LAMORINDA, CA — Four men pulled over in a traffic stop connected to a drug heist were arrested Sunday night on suspicion of stealing more than 10 pounds of marijuana from a residence in Moraga.

A possible burglary was reported in the 100 block of Donald Drive just before 9:30 p.m., and the reporting party described the suspects as three or four men wearing hooded sweatshirts and armed with baseball bats. At least one of them was allegedly spotted with a gun.

A suspect vehicle was identified and stopped in the vicinity of Moraga Road and Moraga Way.

Responding officers found four men inside wearing hooded sweatshirts. They also allegedly found a baseball bat, a loaded handgun that turned out to be stolen, and a large quantity of marijuana measured in excess of 10 pounds.

Investigators believe one of the suspects had purchased a large quantity of marijuana at the victim’s residence at some point in the past, then returned with accomplices to steal more of it.

None of the people inside the residence were injured.

Police say that 21-year-old Emarieay Prescott, 20-year-old Domenico Delgado Caramagno and 20-year-old Thomas Lloyd III, all of whom are listed as Oakland residents, were arrested alongside 19-year-old Berkeley resident Azrael Vargas.