Upgrade your home and you will keep saving money for years. It’s not always about making big renovation upgrades that will make a big difference; small renovations will go along way if you take the smart route.

Upgrade #1: Keyless Entry – Make it Easy

Keyless entry might seem like an extreme step to take but who isn’t tired of losing their key? Losing a key is a pain in the butt if you don’t have a spare. Invest in a keyless entry pad. Keyless entry pads will run around $100 and will work with your iPhone and Android. The pad will pay for itself over and over again also; studies have shown that keyless entry pads are safer than traditional key locks.

Upgrade #2: Low-Flow Toilet, Save Water!

By choosing a low-flow toilet you will save a lot of water and also, a lot of gallons of water. It’s a win, win situation. Even though a good high-efficiency toilet will cost between $100 and up the number of gallons of water you will save will pay for itself, you’ll be saving around 300 gallons of water per year, that’s a lot of water. If you live in California you know that California is known for being extremely hot and being short in freshwater, in 2013-2016 California suffered it’s the worst drought of all time due to residents wasting tons of gallons of water every year.

Upgrade #3: Fresh Mulch, Mix It Up!

For those that don’t know what mulch is, it’s a material such as bark, compost and decaying leaves used around on landscape to enrich and or insulate the soil. Mulch is used as an alternative for cheap landscaping. There’s no need to go full out on landscaping, just replace your mulch for around $6 and the fresh layer will make your front yard and backyard pop!

Upgrade #4: A New Bathtub

You might be wondering why upgrade a good bathtub? Many older bathtubs are known to crack and cause water damage. Water damage is one of the biggest problems known to homeowners since the invention of the house. Water damage creates a mold that eats away the home’s foundation, walls and anything in its path. The average cost of a standard bathtub is around $599, but don’t let the price intimidate you. The price you will be paying for a water damage foundation will be much more than $599.

Upgrade #5: Freshen Up With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Instead of replacing your appliances and paying thousands of dollars in new appliances just freshen up your bathroom and kitchen with a fresh coat of paint. A good paint job goes a long way, just keep in mind to don’t be cheap on paint get a good lasting paint that will stick and won’t chip over time.

Hopefully, you will use these tips to upgrade your home will saving money in the long run.