With technology and machines taking many Americans jobs there is no surprise that many homeowners have cut back on various activities, spending and making lifestyle changes to adjust to today’s difficult economy.

My wife and I do our part, but there are so many little things we all can do to save a few pennies or dollars here and there. After all, the little changes add up… I suggest you take a family trip with the savings or just double down on one hand of blackjack.

Fix or Replace Leaky Faucets, Or You Will Regret It

This is #1 for a reason; water damage causes serious damage to the home’s foundation that will cost you thousands of dollars. A leaky faucet or pipe can waste over 200 gallons of water every single month. You are literally flushing your money down the drain.

Grab a screwdriver or wrench to tighten up those loose fittings before calling a plumber. FYI… it is cheaper if you do it yourself.

Replace All Your Filters Now

Yes, you have to change your furnace filters more than once a decade. This is one of the most overlooked and forgotten tasks of homeownership. A dirty filter makes your furnace work harder thus costing you more cash says.

Proper Bulbs Will Save You Big Bucks

Dimming your lights can save big bucks on your bills and maybe add a little spark of romance to an otherwise boring TV dinner together on a Wednesday night. It takes less electricity with dimmed lights while reducing the harshness of typical light bulbs.

Get Rid of Those Old Shower Heads, They May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

“Swapping out the high flow shower heads to a lower flow can potentially save about 20,000 gallons of water a year. Lowering your shower hot water output will also lessen the bite on your electric bill. It is two-for-one.”

Cover Small Holes That Let Cool Air Out and Let Bugs In

Caulking around windows, tubs, sinks, etc. start to deteriorate which may lead to a very expensive fix down the road if not in the immediate future.

Drafty windows increase heat and cooling cost while porous seals around faucets can saturate the interior walls with moisture. If your home has no snow around the foundation during February, you may need to reseal your windows to stop the escaping warmth.

I am not pretending that I am a “green” real estate agent as being “green” is the latest catchphrase. Saving a buck or two helps out over the year so I may take my beautiful wife out to a nice meal or donate to a local deserving charity. Knowledge is power, my friends, so use it wisely.