Property Details


The property detail report provides a comprehensive view of the property information, including characteristics, location, zoning, flood information, owner vesting, last two market sales, mortgage recording information, and basic tax information, including assessed value and current year property tax information.

  • Owner Information
  • Property Characteristics
  • Sale & Loan Information
  • Assessment & Tax Information


Product Description

The property details report contains a wealth of information about a subject property and its history. The report spotlights the property’s estimated value (or listing price if it’s for sale), trends in its value and public records information.

The report also includes a map that can be enlarged to view the area surrounding the property, or shaded with a heat-map overlay to see, for instance, the estimated home value per square foot in the neighborhood. You will also discover information about the energy consumption for the subject property.

The government office that records property transfers, deeds of ownership and other legal documents are known as the recorder’s office or, in some counties, the registrar of deeds.