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What Do Landlords Look for When Checking Your Credit Score to Rent an Apartment?

When you’re looking for an apartment to rent there are a few things you need to consider. The landlord will check your credit score even if you have rented an apartment for the past 5, 10 or even 15-years.

Landlords want to make sure the person who wants to rent out their apartment is financially responsible. Management companies and landlords look for consistency in rent payments and to check if they owe prior landlords or apartment managers.



The Majority of Consumers Are Wildly Wrong About the Credit Score Required to Get a Mortgage

The majority of potential homebuyers are wildly wrong about the credit required to obtain a mortgage for the house of their dreams. After the mortgage crisis of 2008 requirements have gotten much tougher but not as bad as many may think.Your credit score reveals more than you probably realize; you’re spending behavior, how you manage finances, whether you make lake payments or pay on time.




Homebuyers Will be Freaked Out by These Crazy Things in Your Outdoor Space


Outdoor space also known as your front and backyard plays a big role when selling a house. Having crazy things lying around will minimize the chances of selling your home. It’s not all about scrubbing and your kitchen and bathrooms floors




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Investing in Real Estate to Become Financially Stable

Being financially stable is something we all want to be when we’re adults. We are taught to go to school, graduate, get married and have kids but we’re never taught how to manage money. Even though financial classes are available in college we never think of attending them. We all want to make money but we’re never taught how to be financially stable.